Afterlight is a short hand made film that explores both one's inherent darkness and one's inherent lightness. Every frame was made with charcoal on paper (sometimes each frame was drawn up to eight times) and then composited digitally.

Featuring the voice of Lincoln Greenhaw
Sound Design by Stephen Baldassarre

Special thanks to Haley Larson and Matthew Truslow for their help along the way.


First Place, Toronto Urban Film Festival 2013
Winner: Best Animation, 2014 Rabbit Heart Poetry Film Festival
Winner: 2013 Cammy Maximus Award, 2013 CSU Media Festival
3rd Place, 2014 Headwaters Film Festival

Official Selection
2013 Body Electric Poetry Film Festival
Breadline Poetry Reading, Seattle, WA., May 2013
2013 Toronto Urban Film Festival (One minute edit)
2013 Bradford Animation Festival
2013 Giraf Animation Festival (Calgary)
2013 Underexposed Film Festival
2013 Ó Bhéal International Poetry-Film Competition (Cork, Ireland)
2013 Free Form Film Festival (Salt Lake City)
2013 CSU Media Festival
NewFilmmakers (Winter 2014)
2014 Toronto Silent Film Festival
2014 Boise Film Underground (Treefort Music Festival)
2014 Indiegrits Film Festival
2014 America Online Film Awards Spring Showcase
2014 Headwaters Film Festival
2014 Experimental Film Festival Portland
2014 Zebra Poetry Film Festival (Berlin, Germany)
2014 Landlocked Film Festival
2014 Rabbit Heart Poetry Film Festival (nominated for best picture, best animation)
2014 Film Streams’ Local Filmmaker Showcase
2014 Idaho Horror Film Festival
2014 Cyclop Video Poetry Festival (Ukraine)
2014 Literaturwerkstaat Berlin
2014 PoetryFilm Solstice (London)
Kosmopolis15: 8th Amplified Literature Festival (Barcelona)
2015 Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival (Scotland)
2015 60SIFF (Karachi and Nepal)
2015 Animasyros International Animation Festival +Agora (Greece)
2015 Haverhill Experimental Film Festival (Pennsylvania)
2015 Last Friday Shorts, Horse Hospital Edition (London)
2015 pro.i.e (videopoem edition) (Barcelona)
Distributed on H.E.F.F. DVD #3